About Us

We are the Cancholas Family and for generations we have assisted climbers from all over the world to the ‘Rooftop of Mexico.’  We only guide peaks here in Mexico which gives you the advantage in comfortably knowing we know our mountains and can provide you with the best itinerary and tour possible.  We live and manage our 2 story, 10 room Hotel in Tlachichuca, Mexico.  Our dining area, open courtyard and completely gated location make for a welcoming environment to meet fellow climbers from all around.  More climbers have reached the highest peaks in Mexico through Summit Orizaba because of our service, knowledge, and experience.  We are here to make your expedition an adventure to remember.Located in the historic downtown area of Tlachichuca in the shadows of Pico De Orizaba, our Hotel is a short walk to many area attractions, including the town shopping area, local markets, internet cafe and restaurants. If you want to stay in and relax before or after the climb, our Hotel offers a secure and welcoming environment to do so.


  • Mr. Joaquin Canchola and Maribel, I wanted to say “Thanks” for giving us a most wonderful experience of our lives. After two years of living in Mexico, I was able to achieve a goal of reaching the summit of Citlaltepetl. My brother in law, and our three friends and I are so grateful for their hospitality and friendship that not many ways to say “THANK YOU for everything!” I am including a picture we took with Mr. Canchola at Piedra Grande after our descent.
    –Jonathan Fairbanks
  • From the bus rides to the summit and the local Sunday market in Tlachichuca, my entire experience with Summit Orizaba was a success and one of the most enjoyable peaks I’ve climbed. I especially enjoyed the cultural experience: (vendors on the bus, the hospitality and jovial nature of the Concholas, sharing the hut with locals) as it was my first foreign summit). I have had other unpleasant “in your face” experiences in Mexico with vendors, taxi and shuttle drivers, tour salesmen, etc. that usually deal with tourists. On this trip however, it felt more like real Mexico, no one stared or pressured us to buy their goods on the bus or in Tlachichuca
    –Jared Beutler
  • All around a very nice stay and great service at this place! I can and will recommend your service in my Blog.www.tlausser.com –Thomas Laussermair
  • Thank you for the good service.
    –Vladimir Doronin
  • I would highly recommend this adventure to anyone who wants to get a taste of high altitude adventure! Summit Orizaba provided a great experience. We all made it to the summit October 2010!
    –Brad Altman
  • We stayed at the Canchola Household, and were very well taken care of by Joaquin Canchola and daughter Maribel, with numerous relatives pitching in to make the operation run smoothly. The Canchola House is deemed to be the B&B of choice due to the rooms, food, price, and service. HAMS incoming Director Dave Pellegrini had stayed with them previously, and he highly recommended them.
    –Dave Corvill
  • My favorite part was being able to actually experience Mexico and not just be put with a bunch of American strangers in Mexico. It was nice to have everything be so authentic and have a Mexican guide and dinner by Maribel who is very gracious and attentive to whatever we needed. –Mandy Harmer
  • Hello Joachim and family,
    I have stayed at your hostel in 2002, while I climbed pico de Orizaba with the Canadian College of the Rockies program. It was good to have the experience on a big peak like that, and glad for your hospitality and support. I am going to include some images for your gallery, so that you can use them on your website. Hope to make it back down again one day.
    –Curt Hegel
  • You made my trip to Tlachichuca and Mount Orizaba so great. Everything was so easy. The hospitality and accommodations at the Conchola’s place were great. The food was excellent also. I cannot thank you enough for such a great experience. Having everything organized as you do on here makes the whole trip so nice.
    –Rick Soulier
  • Pico de Orizaba was on our climbing groups list for a while. After much research we chose you (Summit Orizaba) for your company history, va